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We have been producing gym wheels since 1988 and over the years we have been able to build up a high profile and a good name on the international market. We produce about 150 Rhön wheels and 100 Cyr rings per year, which are mainly used in the professional sector.

Classically, we manufacture Rhön wheels and Cyr rings in undivided, 2-divided or 4-divided versions. But we can also produce 5, 6 or 7-part Rhön wheels and Cyr rings for you.

In addition to information about our Rhön wheels and Cyr rings, we also present our bindings, some accessories and special constructions. You can also find out about some of our references and get an idea of our possibilities and capabilities.
Stationary wheel training equipment, narrow wheels or spiked wheels, such as those used by Holiday on Ice, are just a few examples of the versatility and our range in this area


Highest Quality for Top Athletes

How is a rhön wheel built?

The Rhoen Wheel (german:Rhönrad) or Gym Wheel consists of two plastic-coated steel tires of the same size, which are connected to each other by six rungs at a precisely defined distance. The tire grips are located in the top center of each tire.

The Rhönrad special bindings required for many exercises consist of a leather strap approx. 60 cm long, 3 cm wide and approx. 0.4 cm thick. They are padded on the footrests and can be adjusted to foot thickness with buckles.


How do I find the right size?

The wheel size is determined by the following rule of thumb:

Spiral gymnastics: height + 0.35 m

E.g.: If you are 1.80 m tall, the wheel size for spiral gymnastics is 2.15 m.


Of course, a functioning gym wheel also needs the right, individual accessories. A selection of the available equipment can be found here.

To place an order, please send us an email with the billing address and the delivery address to zimmermann@rhoenradbau.de

Rhönrad special binding

Adult leather bindings

70.00€/1 pair

Adult fabric bindings 

75.00€/1 pair

All prices plus VAT and ex works

Youth Binding

Youth bindings made of leather

63,00€/per pair 

Youth bindings made of fabric:

75,00€/per pair

All prices plus VAT and ex works

Fabric binding

Bindings made of fabric

(for adults, youth or children)

75,00€/per  pair

All prices plus VAT and ex works

Childrens binding

Childrens leather bindings

60,00€/per pair

Childrens fabric binding 

70,00€/per pair

All prices plus VAT and ex works

Holder for fixed bindings

Holders for fixed bindings
110,00 €

Foot straps can be pre-assembled one-sided if desired. The second side will be adjusted by the gymnast to the size of the foot.

Replacement strap
30,00 €

All prices plus VAT and ex works


for the coupling pieces

1,50 €/piece

12,00 € for 2-part wheel

24,00 € for 4-part wheel

All prices plus VAT and ex works

Bar aid version 1

150,00 €

All prices plus VAT and ex works

Advantages version 2:
Tighter clamping possible

The Velcro straps can no longer be lost (sewn-on straps)


250,00 €

Bar aid version 2

All prices plus VAT and ex works

stationary training device


All prices plus VAT and ex works

Rung widening

Our standard rung width is 45 cm (inside).

A rung widening of the wheel is possible.

For a widening of 4cm, additional costs of


will be incurred

All prices plus VAT and ex works

Cyr Ring\Cyr Wheel

Made by professionals for professionals

We manufacture the Cyr rings of the highest quality. Our products are used at all world championships. Most professional artists trust our quality and know-how.

Depending on customer requirements, we manufacture the rings from steel/stainless steel or aluminum with steel connecting pieces.

The advantages with us

  • Experience since 1988
  • highest quality
  • exact roundness by producing/welding the ring using a wheel template
  • Rhönrad tubes and Cyr tubes are manufactured specifically for us according to our quality requirements, seamless and in extra length. For us, a ring only consists of one tube. This is the only way to guarantee exact concentricity and the same diameter
  • Steel and stainless steel rings in diameter ø40 and ø46 mm available with PVC tube
  • Aluminum rings in diameter ø36mm and ø46mm available with PVC tube
  • stable coupling pieces
  • Cyr rings available in undivided, 2-part, 4-part, 5-part and 6-part versions.
  • No twisting of the PVC hose on the ring because the PVC hose is glued to the ring


Farben, Licht …

In addition to the high-quality materials and precise manufacturing, which form the basis for a top-class wheel or Cyr rings, optical and design features of course also play a role. Be it the coating with colored, or even bright, tubing material. Or even the installation of LED technology. We have the relevant expertise here too.

When it comes to coating, you can choose between five different variants.
We offer classic white, silver and black.

Silver and black coating hose is associated with an additional charge of €50.00 for Röhn wheels and €25.00 for Cyr rings.

The red coating hose is new to the range.

This also comes with an additional charge of €50.00 for Röhn wheels and €25.00 for Cyr rings.

Special colors on request. Here is an example of a golden wheel for Cirque du Soleil

The highlight is definitely the glowing coating tube.
An eye-catcher for every performance in the dark.

For the luminous coating hose, the surcharge is €460.00 for Rhön wheels and €230.00 for Cyr rings

LED Rhönräder possible Cyr on request


Special designs & new developments

Gym Wheel with Spikes

A wheel with spikes for performances and shows on ice surfaces.

For example, it was used at Holiday on Ice.

Hanging Gym Wheel

Slim Gym wheel

customer reference

Over the last 35 years we have delivered gym wheels to many countries around the world. From the USA and several South American countries to Japan and New Zealand. And our products were just as represented at the European and World Championships in those years as they were at all German gymnastics festivals.


Wheels were ordered from us for the following European and World Championships:

2022 Sonderburg Dänemark

2018 MagglingenSchweiz

2016 Cincinnati USA

2015 Lignano Italien

2013 Chicago USA

2011 Arnsberg Deutschland

2009 Baar Schweiz

2007 Salzburg Österreich

2005 Bütgenbach Belgien

2003 Lillehammer Norwegen

2001 Liestal Schweiz

1999 Limburg an der Lahn Deutschland

1997 Antwerpen Belgien

1995 Den Helder Holland

1994 Almada Portugal

1993 Marmande Frankreich

1992 Liestal Schweiz  

1991 Cosenza Italien    

sowie bei allen Deutschen Turnfesten


But our Rhön wheels and Cyr rings are also in regular use in the show and circus world. In addition, we have also manufactured custom-made products and special constructions for some of these customers.


Holiday on Ice

Cirque du Soleil

Wolfgang Bientzle

Circus Schools of France

Circus Flic Flac

Cirques Monty Switzerland

Russischer Nationalzirkus

Circus School of Hungary (Budapest)

Corpus Acrobatic Theatre Holland

Konstantin Mouraviev (Russia)

Corpus Acrobatic Theatre

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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